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Our supplement research is backed by science. KIPPO products are not a synthetic enzyme, but a proprietary herbal formula that boosts the natural production of ATP. We provide you with youthful healing at every age.

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KIPPO delivers a single regenerative solution that supports whole body health. By energizing your body at the cellular level you can take both a proactive and reactive approach to your health. It’s never too late to boost your ATP.

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From a young age, we understand that growing older means slowing down. The primary reason we slow down is due to the 1% loss of ATP that occurs each year after the age of 25. Eliminate this loss with our supplemental solutions.


December, 2018 – KIPPO Science founder Yoon Jungman has dedicated his life’s working to his mother. Yoon has spent much of the last 40 years working on KIPPO’s supplements. The businessman and entrepreneur has worked diligently to develop an herbal supplement that can improve the health and life of those who take it.

“I lost my mother when I was 20-years old,” Yoon, KIPPO founder and CEO, said. “I was really lonely, but over time, I realized I could help others. My mother is what led me to create KIPPO and dedicate my life to researching herbal medicine.”

KIPPO supplements target an organic compound in the body called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. The substance is present in the body’s cells. Theories based on research have concluded that a person grows old and develops disease due to the influence of ATP. From the age of 25-years old, the body’s ATP decreases by 1 percent per year. The naturally occurring enzyme powers an individual’s cells and regenerates their organs and tissue. ATP production unfortunately tapers slowly as people age. However, KIPPO supplements can stimulated the body’s ATP production and prevent it from decreasing.

According to Yoon, decreased ATP can lead to a weakened immune system. It can also cause a variety of disease. However, by taking supplements that keep a person’s ATP level at a “normal rate” it can keep them looking younger and feeling healthier. By taking KIPPO supplements, users can reduce the ageing process and other issues when their ATP decreases.

“ATP is the energy source of our bodies, the body cannot use food as a direct source of energy, so mitochondria make energy sources that cells use as foodstuffs,” Yoon explained. “Active oxygen attacks DNA and proteins and hurts it. When the wounds accumulate, the cells degrade and cause aging.”

Although Yoon has spent much of his adult life working in science, he didn’t truly establish KIPPO Science until September 2013. His research team turned to nature and backed all of its findings by in-depth scientific research. KIPPO found that age alone is not what causes disease, but the increased oxidation that occurs with the loss of natural ATP production. As a result, the company developed its ATP-boosting line of KIPPO supplements.

Yoon’s breakthrough offers individuals an alternative to traditional medicine. It also gives those suffering from the prescription drug heavy Western Medicine world an escape. KIPPO is being used by people all over the world and Yoon’s company fills orders from countries around the globe daily. He hopes they can experience a long, healthy life despite growing older. For Yoon, age should just be a number rather than a debilitating experience.

“I would like to be able to enjoy 100 years of healthy age, rather than just 100 years of age,” Yoon said.

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ATP For Everyday Individuals
Synthetic ATP has long been used by athletes. However, synthetic products can’t be absorbed at the cellular level. KIPPO boosts your natural ability to produce ATP, providing wholebody healing and regeneration for athletes and everyday individuals alike.

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