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Introduction of published paper

September 1, 2013, is a day for humanity to remember.
Being healthy to the age of 100, and eliminate cancer and other diseases from the world.
As the first step in a research toward this dream, a paper by the group of Professor Akiyama of Kyoto University was published in a scientific journal. (For the details, click here.)
This was the first research in the world on reducing the amount of oxidized protein and adjusting adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
And, if ATP can be adjusted, then all organs can be regenerated, such as the brain, the thymus that is related to immunity, and the kidneys.

Aging has caused people to have having diseases.
Aging means that ATP production starts to decrease 1% per year from the age of 25. Therefore, at the age of 50, it is decreased by 25%.
ATP production almost equivalent to body weight is required to live healthy, however, this quantity cannot be filled by oral administration of pharmaceutical products.
That is the difficulty, hence, there are no successful cases of ATP adjustment.

We fully understand that research of treating diseases is difficult. And pharmaceutical products, especially anti-cancer drugs, have side effects. We want to get rid of such wretched treatment methods.
We will overcome all diseases by making people healthy through ATP adjustment and food.
As a result of this pioneering research, we can look forward to a new era in which people remain healthy to the age of 100.


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