How to take KIPPO: Take 2-6 packs a day with at least 8 ounces of hot water. In general, one pack is required for every 10kg of weight, but you can change the dose depending on your nutritional needs.

♦ When to Take: KIPPO is designed to maintain a healthy internal balance by blending several kinds of herbs. Take KIPPO on an empty stomach, 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating.

♦Taking KIPPO with other medicines: KIPPO can be taken while on prescription medicines. However, you must wait at least 2 hours after taking your prescription before you take KIPPO.

♦ Taking KIPPO with Chinese medicine or herbal remedies: You should not take KIPPO with other herbal remedies or with traditional Chinese medicine. Doing so would eliminate the ability to identify progress and side effects. Taking KIPPO with other herbal remedies would also offset the balance it is designed to deliver. However, you can take other supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, which are considered to be an extension of your nutritional intake.

■ Warning: You may feel lethargic/sore after beginning your daily KIPPO regimen. This reaction is similar to bathing in a hot spring or having a deep tissue massage, and is due to the dissolving lactic acid that causes fatigue within your muscles. There is no need to worry as these symptoms will dissipate in about 10 days. Once your body recovers you may find that you require less sleep than usual.



私は10年程前より、死を予感させる程の恐怖を伴う過換気症候群に悩まされ薬の副作用等に依り、体重も120Kgにまで成ってしまいましたが、6年ほど前捨て犬を拾って、毎日3~4時間の散歩が功を奏しダイエットに成功52Kgの標準体重にまで落ちましたが、同時に脂肪も筋肉も落ちてしまい40歳にして体中皺だらけのお婆ちゃんに成ってしまいました。そんな折り、知人が心配のあまりKIPPOを紹介してくれ、田中先生に電話にて1時間以上の相談の結果、自分でも納得、摂取を決断しました。事前の田中先生からの告知の通り飲んでみたその日の睡眠は深く起きてから過換気の発作も伴いましたが、その後の発作は一度も起きてません。飲み続けた結果体質の激変に依り2週間程で体の皺も消え、バストアップにもなりました。 拾った犬も元々消化器管が弱く下痢に悩まされておりましたが、田中先生の言う通り、わんこの方が効果が早く2日目には下痢も治り、目の輝き毛並みも、また犬本来の臭覚も改善され、見違えるほど元気になりました。 KIPPOを知る事に依り、私の病気も改善され、可愛いわんこも長生きしてくれる事と確信しております。

2002-04-07 Youko

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Synthetic ATP has long been used by athletes. However, synthetic products can’t be absorbed at the cellular level. KIPPO boosts your natural ability to produce ATP, providing wholebody healing and regeneration for athletes and everyday individuals alike.

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