What is ATP?

Adenosine triphosphate is a naturally occurring enzyme that powers your cells and regenerates your organs.

ATP production slowly tapers off as we age but can be stimulated with our 100% natural KIPPO nutritional supplements.

It doesn’t matter what your age, you can begin to regenerate your cells and improve your wholebody health.

Even if you have a hereditary health condition, terminal disease, or ongoing illness. It’s never too late to boost your ATP.

what is atp?

Images of activated ATP (In cooperation with the Japanese Nematological Society at Chubu University, 2007)

Liver cancer cell before KIPPO treatment
Cancer cells 3days after KIPPO treatment Cancer cells are rounded and are dead

In 2008, at the Tsukuba University Graduate School, it was discovered that mitochondria in which ATP synthesis had become ineffective induces mutations to create cancer cells. In summary, I hope you understand this revolution in medical treatment. If KIPPO is given to healthy persons of 25 years of age, nothing happens. But, if you are over 40, you will feel something. For both men and women, as you age and hormones decrease, big problems come along, but HGH hormone injections are unnecessary. There is a limit on the phenomena on the earth. Even 1000 years from now, ATP will still be the pinnacle of the life sciences.

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ATP For Everyday Individuals
Synthetic ATP has long been used by athletes. However, synthetic products can’t be absorbed at the cellular level. KIPPO boosts your natural ability to produce ATP, providing wholebody healing and regeneration for athletes and everyday individuals alike.

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